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Edge Compute Cooling Solutions

Indoor/Outdoor Air Conditioners

Today’s “Connected Enterprise” networks need to support expanding voice, data and video applications. Localized data processing at the edge redefines the traditional configuration of networking and wall-mount cabinets. Increased thermal loads require precision cooling solutions. Air conditioners can provide up to 8kW to address thermal loads when thermal requirements exceed convection cooling limits.


  • Thermostat control and EMI/RFI noise suppressor included

  • Closed-loop cooling separates clean, recirculated air from ambient airflow system

  • Front cover hinges open for quick access to all components

  • Filter can be inverted to double operating time between cleanings and/or filter replacement

  • Filterless operation possible in many applications

  • For a typical application, unique condensate management system evaporates moisture from enclosure

  • High performance fans and blowers are ideal for densely packed enclosures

  • All units use a universally accepted CFC-free or environmentally safe refrigerant

  • Mounting hardware, gasket kit, mounting template and instruction manual furnished



These air conditioners fit in the AC cutout provided in the AC-ready voice, data and server cabinet packages. The air conditioners are shipped separately and cannot be factory installed in the cabinets.


Closed Loop Cooling

Recirculated air inside the air conditioner is kept separate from the ambient airflow system. This protects the electronic controls and prevents shutdowns caused by heat, humidity, dust and other contaminants.

Wall-Mount Solutions


Free standing cabinets and Outdoor Solutions


Depending on the required computing and networking performance trust in nVent to SECURE MISSION CRITICAL DATA AVAILABILITY combined with OPTIMIZED EFFICIENCY at MINIMAL COST of ownership.

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