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Ensure Maximum Performance And Uptime

Precision Air-to-Water Heat Exchangers

The push for high bandwidth and low-latency compute resources drive decentralized high density installations outside the data center floor space.

A modular rack integrated cooling solutions with a cooling capacity of up to 25kW help you to over come this challenge.


Data Center with RackChiller In Rack


The air-to-water heat exchanger unit is integrated in a cabinet, to the left or right of the 19” plane. The cabinet offers full RU (rack unit) mounting space.

The warm exhaust air from the servers is forced past the fans of the cooler, through the air-to-water heat exchanger. The heat is transferred to the cooling medium and cooled air is provided in front of the 19” plane.




  • The rack-based cooling solution acts room-independent and allows for set-up of various rack configurations

  • EMC-shielded, harsh environment, as well as outdoor solutions available

  • Reduced noise levels

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