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Thermal Simulation

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) can be used to analyze existing or future data center thermal capacity, installed IT equipment load and data center infrastructure performance. CFD analysis supports the optimization of existing or future IT equipment layouts. Virtual recording and tests maintain educated decisions on operational infrastructures to check fallout plans, redundancies, position of sensors and cooling components as well as capacity planning.


In the previous 5 years, the performance of servers, storage, and networking equipment has increased exponentially. Along with this performance growth has come a significant increase in the power dissipated by the server, storage, and networking hardware. This has caused a significant strain on the data center infrastructure that was built for hardware power levels much less than what is being delivered today. Placement of IT equipment, air handlers, close-coupled cooling, and direct liquid cooling technologies within the data center environment is critical to the efficient use of available space and data center cooling capacity. Lead time for facility upgrades and capital planning requirements mandate comprehensive planning

Veri Merkezi

Evaluation Completed By Experts

A key to the effective deployment of IT equipment is an evaluation of the current and future thermal profile of the data center. thermal analysis enables customers to choose the most efficient and effective cooling technologies and layouts for their specific IT hardware by modelling the necessary infrastructure modifications or layout changes.


Typical Project Tasks:

• Project scope/resources/schedule agreed upon • On-site evaluation and consultation

• Analyze and optimize with CFD models

• Final meeting with evaluation report and recommendations for data center layout

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