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High Density Liquid Cooling (HDLC)


Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU)


Rack Manifold


Direct Water Cooling Solutions

  • Typically reduces energy consumption and operating costs

  • Superior cooling capacity

  • Acoustic sound abatement

  • Liquid cooling eliminates thermal stratification, which occurs as cold air settles at the bottom of the cabinet and hot air moves towards the top, allowing for increased air intake temperatures up to 80°F—further reducing energy needs

  • Functions in non-raised floor environments—either by including the piping in the slab floor or installing it in a plinth base under the cabinet

  • Clustering high density heat loads into liquid cooled cabinets frees up floor space within the data center.

  • Higher chilled water temperatures avoid humidification issues, which decrease efficiency andincrease energy costs.

•    ASHRAE W4 warm direct liquid cooling
•    700kW+ cooling capacity
•    Direct-to-chip & manifold connectivity
•    Smart monitoring & control interface
•    Integrated leak detection
•    Redundant centralized pumps

Coolant Distribution Network
•    Rack-mounted manifolds and hose kits
•    Material - copper and stainless steel
•    Joints - brazing, welding mechanical couples
•    Dripless quick connectors

Experience and Capabilities
•    10+ years liquid cooling experience
•    Specialized in custom Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU) design
•    Thermal modeling & analysis
•    System design & manufacturing
•    Leak testing & quality control

Cold Plate (Chip Level Cooling)

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